Sweet and Herby Mushroom Avocado Toast.

Avocado on toast is a classic. I love it but I do love sweet and herb-full things. This Sweet and Herby Avocado toast really satisfied my tastebuds. The sweetness of the mushrooms in a sweet sauce and herbs gave an amazing blend. The crunchy toast really topped it all off, it was gorgeous. Instructions: WashContinue reading “Sweet and Herby Mushroom Avocado Toast.”

Sweet Potato and Sour Toast

I love sourdough bread, every aspect of it is amazing and flawless. I also love sweet breakfasts but with a twist. So I gave this sweet potato and sour toast a go. I made sure that this is also spicy because I love spice and sweet mixed together. Instructions: Wash all veggies. Peel the sweetContinue reading “Sweet Potato and Sour Toast”