Subtle Tomato and Cheesy Pasta

Hi there. Another pasta?… Absolutely. However, this pasta is the most subtle and cheesy one you will ever taste. The cheese and the subtle tomato flavours went very well together and created this gorgeous light taste. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a simple but delicious dinner. The nutritional yeast within this dishContinue reading “Subtle Tomato and Cheesy Pasta”

Vegan Summer Savoury and Sweet Salad

Salads. They may sound boring, but not this vegan summer salad going from fruits to veggies. The salad gives different flavours, a rainbow of taste, from savoury to a splash of sweet. Time to make: 15 Minutes Vegan Meal type: Lunch/ Dinner Ingredients: 1 Avocado 1/5 of Watermelon 1/4 of Pomegranate 140g of Tofu 1/4Continue reading “Vegan Summer Savoury and Sweet Salad”