I have recently got myself into books. Although I have always enjoyed reading, I could never choose what to read. Then, I began to discover books about self-improvement. These books taught me quite a lot. They also made me realise what I could be doing better in order to benefit myself.

Show Your Work – Austin Kleon

Outlines of the book:

The book outlines the importance of sharing work which you do or are planning to do. Reasons for publishing work online are given by the author which argues that people do not have to geniuses in order to show their work. The author gives a list of what not to publish, this aids in deciding what to show others and the work I do.

Things to take away:

Using the quote of Lauren Cerand “Post as though everyone who can read it has the power to fire you”, opened up my eyes quite a lot. Realisation of being cautious over the work which is published came into mind.

Be confident in what I do. The book gave me a confidence boost, showing me that the work which I have done is mine, this website is my domain and I sharing what I am doing. Not everyone will love the things which I do but, I do not need to focus on that. Austin Kleon shows in this book that it is not important to pay attention to trolls, instead doing what makes you happy.


Austin Kleon makes the book applicable to everyone, whether you are working full-time or a student, retired etc. The book gives many examples and many quotes to inspire people to show what they do.

I would give this to everyone I met, in order to help others show their work and the progress they have made. I absolutely recommend this book, giving it a score of 10/10.

Outlines of the book:

In this book, the lifestyle of an essentialist is given. Making sure that people take their time in their choices. Asking questions such as “Will this benefit you? As a reader, making me realise how much I did things which did not benefit me but helped others.

Things to take away:

Take a step back and look at the current situation. Are you doing things that are giving you something? Are you doing too much, things which do not need to be done, because they do not benefit you?

Learn to say no to people. The book taught me how to say not to people politely in order to stop myself from doing too much. This also connected to doing things which benefit me too and not just the other person.

In addition to this, the book provides images in order to illustrate the author’s thoughts. One of my favourite ones was the energy illustration.

This image shows how someone who is not an essentialist (left) gives of their energy toward others and work. Showing too much in too many different directions, impacting their life. On the other hand, an essentialist (right), does not do everything to please everyone and spends their energy on things which only need to be done and not over working themselves.


Although, the book writes about an office setting, there are parts which can be taken from the book. For example, saying no, making sure people do what benefits them, taking a step back as well as doing too much. The book features points why changing my current lifestyle to being an essentialist would help me. Greg McKeown explains why having essential things on my list is important and why it is important to do only those things. If additionally wanting to do something, making sure that the action benefits me too. I really recommend this book, giving it a score of 9/10.

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos – Jordan B Peterson 

Outlines of the book:

Jordan B Peterson helped me understand my own situations as well as others’ within life. Jordan Peterson gives case studies of others as well as himself which shows his own analysis within his life. The book gives rules for life which should be used by everyone. Jordan B Peterson gives accounts which are used in order to explain how humans work, why we behave the way we do.

Things to take away:

The advice given really spoke to me. I realised what I can do in order to improve my lifestyle, what I was doing and how I could change my behaviour and thinking. 

Jordan B Peterson gives out the 12 Rules in each chapter, linking it back into life and how our life is chaotic. Jordan B Peterson outlines that life is suffering.

In each chapter, chaos is given a solution (antidote). By reading this book, my chaos was given solutions, giving me starting point to change my life around. I found this really important as I was trying to improve the life I was leading.

Jordan B Peterson believes that we should be around those who wish us the best and want the best for us. He speaks about people who do not wish well for you. Those people should be avoided, they may be on a lower level than you are and what they may want to do is drag you down with them,therefore, you should avoid those types of people.

The author also mentioned things like, not lying and telling the truth, as well as taking a second to breathe and acknowledge what is going on around you. Alongside with this, biblical references are used in order to show how we still live through the original sin. The story of Abel and Cain is use by Jordan B Peterson. Not just the usual bible stories which are heard, yet he explains original sin, which now caused us to suffer.


Everyone should read this book. This book is applicable to everyone, which i find very useful as the advice and the content is not subjected to one audience or setting. The stories and case studies which are presented by Jordan B Peterson, are given through a wide range of time scales diversifying the applicability. This is important as everyone has different experiences. Anyone may take something away from the book and try to adapt the rules into their own life.

The book is easy to read with joy as well as serious consideration. Referencing of the bible gave a different light to the book. The references were clear and explained in detail. Clarification of the references were great.

Applying these rules helped me with thinking about my future goals, how to change what I am doing in order to get better. The life rules really stuck with me and the process of implementing it. 

Ultimately the book is one of the best I have read. Time flies by whilst reading it and makes you want to know more. Jordan Peterson is an excellent author and I would absolutely recommend this book, giving it 10/10.

Greenlights- Matthew McConaughey

Outlines of the book:

This book is an autobiography by ones of my favorite actors. Matthew McConaughey wrote about his personal life, showing the good and bad sides to it. Sharing his journey to growing within Hollywood and becoming a producer, Matthew McConaughey was able to give me inspiration into taking good signs within life. With these good signs he called greenlights, life could only progress into getting better, according to the author.

Matthew McConaughey’s journey is very inspirational, the efforts he made to get where he is now are amazing. From simply taking a break from his acting career to finding himself by traveling to many countries. Matthew McConaughey is a very pure person and I saw this when reading his life story. The book features notes made by Matthew which is the book initially but the real notes made by Matthew McConaughey can be seen.

Things to take away:

Take any ‘greenlights’, act on them. Always try to see well in situations and use all of your effects in order to achieve them. Do what you love, do not do things that you do not enjoy.

Try new things, figure out what they give to you, if they are bad and not bring you joy, do not carry on.

Greenlights really made me realise that putting effort into what I love is the key thing. Enjoying life is what is most important. Taking this approach helped me look at how I needed to change my thinking towards life. Although this book was very personal, it applied to me in many cases.


I highly recommend this book to anyone. Everyone should take Matthew McConaughey’s advice into looking at the green lights within life and to act towards them. The author really talks about his adventures and I was really inspired into following the good signs, taking out the bad. I would absolutely rate this book 10/10, reading this was a pleasure and was enjoyable. I have already started to apply the greenlights thinking, it is slowly helping. This book is highly inspiring and I would read this again for pure enjoyment, it was adventure reading this book.