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A Level Tips, Strategies & Resources

Resources I used:

An app I used called Flora, helped me quite a lot. Flora not only aids in focus, it also helps with tracking progress.

The thing with Flora was that I would set a time and during that time a flower or a plant or tree would grow, producing a little garden. With Flora I also could connect with a friend and study together.

Most importantly Flora is also a charity. It aids in growing trees and helping the environment. “We partner with tree-planting organisations in Africa and East Asia, such as the Trees for the Future, to plant fast-growing soil rebuilding trees, fruit trees that diversify nutrition, and trees that can provide forage and fuel-wood. All these trees help make the earth greener and provide long-term financial aid to families who need it most.” By using this app and using the donate button, you may aid others, which I really like about Flora. When focusing and growing that tree, when donating, real trees are planted and the money is used to an amazing cause.

Click to download Flora!

Other resources I used

I used websites, solely to take knowledge from. Using these websites helped me with the structure of my essays as well as getting extra evaluations or points to include. Since some textbooks do not provide a great amount of things you can take away from them like those extra evaluation points, it was worth going online and trying to find some.

Useful websites for Psychology:

Useful Websites for Sociology:


Following up from the mock perfect essay, writing a cheat sheet of points in chronological order was another strategy which I used. By writing the key researcher’s name, points , evaluation and conclusion in a concise manner it helps improve my retention of the researcher and their key ideas. Doing so was important as they were crucial in gaining marks.

After creating the concise cheat sheet, I made flash cards. These were made on the basis of the cheat sheet, featuring all of the key things which had to be remembered. The flash cards provided cues for me also known as little triggers. The information was easily retained as the flash cards consisted of words or phrases rather than sentences or paragraphs.

By using these three strategies for long essays, I was able to quickly and sufficiently remember the key ideas and the people which were relevant to the sub-topic.

The link above is a perfect mock essay which I typed up in preparation for my exam. Although the essay being long, the idea behind this was to ensure that I had multiple feminists and critics of such branch. As a result of such I was able to retain more than just two sociologists or just one criticism. Therefore, I was able to produce a structured essay with multiple sociologists and evaluation points in a finer structure. The essay has flow as well as connection from one point to another which is crucial when writing a long answer.

Below is an upload of the summarised cheat sheet which I used for this specific essay.

Psychology much like sociology, requires a perfect mock essay/16 mark answer. The answer must be divided equally between AO1 (description), AO2 (referencing back to a scenario) and AO3 (evaluation) points. Some 16 mark questions will not require AO2 points, this only occurs when a scenario is presented in the question. The mark distribution will vary.

A question with a scenario:


6 Marks

These marks will come from a strong description. Flow of relevant content is present.


4 Marks

Reference of scenario is present. Using the scenario to answer the question and further interpretation.


6 Marks

Strong points made which are explained, and analysed, (mentioning strength or weakness of such point). E.g. Why a Laboratory experiment is a strength or not.

A question without a scenario


6 Marks

These marks will come from a strong description. Flow of relevant content is present.


10 Marks

Strong points made which are explained, and analysed, (mentioning strength or weakness of such point). E.g. Why a Laboratory experiment is a strength or not.

[The reason why the marks are more focused on the AO3 is because the usual amount of points are 3-5. Examiners do prefer well-structured and stronger points even if the number of them is small like 3, rather than 5 small limited points. This is better because if in case you run out of points, 3 strong points will still give you the desired marks.]

Analysis of a scenario question.

Polly always checks what her friends are going to wear before she gets ready to go out because she does not like to be the odd one out. Jed watches his colleagues carefully when he starts a new job so that he can work out where to put his things and how long to take for lunch.

Discuss two explanations for conformity. Refer to Polly and Jed in your discussion. (Total 16 marks)

For A01, you must show relevant knowledge of informational and normative social influence.

For AO2, you must reference Jed and Polly, thinking about how research may prove conformity.

For AO3,you must evaluate. Think about the research which you could have mentioned, analysing such.

When writing the essay, ensure your reference back to the scenario which is presented to you. You may mention that, normative social influence relates to Polly, as she is always checking what her friends are wearing because she wants to be approved of and liked by the group and fears disapproval and embarrassment if she thinks she’s not dressed like the rest of her friends. Referencing twice is also able to secure the marks you need. Expand on Polly (1) checks what her friends are wearing , (2) does not like to be the odd one out. Also mention Jed as (1), he watches his colleagues carefully, (2) so that he can work out where to put things and how long to take for lunch (both of which relate to informational social influence).

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