Hi! I’m Zofia. I love to cook. I enjoy trying new food and especially making good food for anyone. I decided to share some of my favourite recipes as well as some of my life with you!

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I recently changed my lifestyle. I have just recently started running as a form of exercise and for enjoyment. I also have gotten more into reading, especially about self improvement. I never anticipated to be where I am now, although happy, I wish to grow more. By doing more for myself I have realised that it feels good to do the things that I would not see myself doing normally. I try to adapt a positive attitude to new things and always try them out. I have shared tips for learning in the section of A-levels as well as the food which I cook.

A Levels

When I was doing my A Levels, at first I was confident and interested, shortly after when the work load hit due to me taking Sociology, my interests decreased. Sociology especially was tough, the toughest part was remembering who said what. I could not get my head around all of the views of the types of sociologists and although I could produce amazing essays, the key part of remembering the sociologists took my marks down.

Psychology on the other hand was blissful in the first year. Simply, all you had to remember was the psychologist, their theory or experiment and the criticisms which came with them. By the second year, it became not so blissful, as topics which included maths and more science such as research methods and biopsychology, the retention became more and more challenging.

Although having these challenges ahead of me, I survived. Within the last couple of months, I got myself together and entered the hard work zone. I used to put off revision until I needed it which was not a good idea on topics I found complex. When I did get myself together and entered my zone of pure focus, I soon began to realise how crucial this was.

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